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Factory Profile

Every company has its own story of its development.
No company has developed from one night. To develop a company we need to work hard & we should have the commitment. We also started our factory with a small business. Every company has its own story. As we are Anukkanhena Coir Exports we also have our own story.

The pioneer to start this factory our managing director Mr. Nimalsiri Jayawardana & he is the owner of Anukkanhena Coir Exports. As our first business we used to collect coconut husks & started to manufacture coir & coco peat. Demand for coir in world market measured rapidly. Then we decide to export coir indirectly. With the time we came to a standard & in 2001 we started to manufacture twisted fiber. This product became our main exporting product. Still our main exporting product is twisted fiber & it has a high demand in world market especially for twisted fiber from our factory.

Then we started to produce 5Kg coco peat blocks & briquettes. These two products are by products of twisted fiber. These products are mainly use in green houses.

2003 was a remarkable year us because we started to export our products directly & it was great achievement of our factory in a very short period of time.

After some researches we decided to start manufacture grow bags, then husk chips blocks & coco peat blocks. With the time we decided to produce more chips blocks because the demand for husk chips blocks increasing in the world market.

Our team is equipped with modern equipment like FMTs (Fiber Machine Twisted) which are made in India & coco peat ……. which are made in Sri Lanka. We have 50 workers who are working in our company & all of them ensure the quality of our products.

Our company which is located in Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka is close to some of the largest raw material sources. As a company we always want to give our products to the customers with highest quality & that is the main aim of our factory.