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Our target is to provide quality products for the customers. We are committed to ensure the quality in every stage of the production. We are a fast growing factory because of our satisfied customers.

Before delivering products to the customers our staff check the quality precisely. Always we are trying to meet the customer’s expectations. Main reason to provide quality products is the continues supervision & customization. All our products are homogenous & our quality controls ensure the homogenous nature of our products.

We provide our customer a detailed description about the products & we produce the products according to the customer’s requirements.

We check the quality of the product in every stage of the production.

Transportation & shipping is provided by us.

Anukkanhena Coir Exports has an experience & knowledge about the industry for more than 10 years. We ensure to save customer’s valuable time & money providing quality products for the customers & with reliable transportation. We are always committed to provide best products & best service to our valuable customers.